Universal Credit Application Support

Universal Credit Application Support

Telephone 01968 675259 for an appointment for help to make your universal credit application. Please bring the following information with you to the appointment.


For your Universal Credit claim there are some important things you need to do.

1.     You need to have the information contained in the checklist below to make your on-line Universal Credit claim.
2.     Within 7 days of your Universal Credit on- line claim you need to call 0345 600 4272 to book an appointment with Jobcentre Plus.

Don’t start your application until you have all of the following details for you and your partner with you:

  • Your full address and postcode.   
  • Email address (you won’t be able to start a claim without it). If you don’t have an email account your local library will assist you to get one.
  • National Insurance [NI] number - you can find this on a payslip or letter from HMRC - call the helpline on 0300 200 3500 (textphone 0300 200 3519) if you can’t find it.
  • Details of your bank, building society or other account that you want your UC paid into.  This needs to be an account that allows direct debits and standing orders.  A Post Office account is not acceptable.  
  • Evidence of your capital, for example, bank statements [must be recent e.g. in the last 3 months]. Capital means things like savings or property.
  • Details of any savings you have and any other ‘capital’ investments, eg shares or property that you don’t live in
  • Evidence of your income, for example, wages, benefits or self-employed earnings.
  • Details of any ‘other’ income that’s not from work, eg from a pension or insurance plan
  • The type of accommodation you have, eg private rent, council tenant, or housing association tenant - make sure you check this before you apply
  • Mortgage details (if applicable)
  • Evidence of your childcare costs (if applicable)
  • How much rent you pay - this can be found on your rent agreement, ask your landlord for a copy if you don’t have one (need evidence of it)
  • The date your tenancy started (exact date is required)
  • Your landlord’s address - this can be found on your tenancy agreement.  Ask your landlord for a copy if you don’t have one
  • Your landlord's phone number
  • How much you pay for childcare (if you want to claim for childcare costs)
  • Details of any other benefits you’re getting, i.e. what benefit and how much you get
  • Child benefit reference numbers for any children you have if you get child benefit - this can be found on letters to you about child benefit, it will start with 'CHB' and is made up of 8 numbers and 2 letters, eg CHB12345678 AB.  It can also be found on your bank statement.  Phone the Child Benefit Office on 0300 200 3100 (textphone 0300 200 3103) if you need help
  • If you are unable to work:
    • list of medical conditions
    • medical certificate 
    • name of GP/specialist and medical centre (address)
    • date od start and length of any undergoing medical treatments or surgeries

You’ll need evidence for all these details for when you go to your interview at Jobcentre Plus so you’ll need to gather all the documents together, eg landlord agreement/tenancy agreement with local authority (or a letter from them with your rent amount on it), payslips, bank statements etc.


List of Fee-free basic bank accounts

  • Barclays Barclays     Basic Current Account
  • Santander     Basic Current Account
  • NatWest     Foundation Account
  • Ulster Bank (Northern Ireland)     Foundation Account
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (Scotland)     Foundation Account
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (England & Wales)     Basic Account
  • HSBC     Basic Bank Account
  • Nationwide     FlexBasic
  • Co-operative Bank     Cashminder
  • Lloyds Banking Group (including Halifax and Bank of Scotland)    Basic Account
  • TSB     Cash Account
  • National Australia Bank Group (including Yorkshire Bank and Clydesdale Bank)    Readycash Account 

If you want to find out more about Fee-free basic bank accounts ask for a leaflet/advice.